Character Dress Up Day 2015

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In a wink of an eye, October arrives and with it, our character dress up day!  We loved the characters we saw this year… From Greg in Diary of a Wimpy kid, to Imogene and Olivia… We even had Eloise here! It was great to see the effort that students and teachers alike put in to their costumes. This year, we also  had a lot more enthusiasm from our older students with them dressing up. A lot of our high school students got together and created “group costumes”. One of our 7th grades came as despicable me, Gru, the girls, and of course minions. Our 12th graders came as Pixar characters while our 11th graders dressed up as Nickelodeon ones. Also, new to this year, our seniors had a Treat’s Sale, instead of creating a Haunted House for our younger students, and Our Juniors had a Scavenger hunt around school. Both were very successful, there was barely anything left when the treats sale was over and all you could see was students running all over the school trying to solve the riddles for the scavenger hunt. If you want to get a look at more costumes from this day, you can like us on facebook and look for this year’s album Character Dress Up 2015. We can’t wait to see what next year’s costumes will be like!

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