Spirit Club Volunteers for Un Techo para mi País.

03/12/2015 11:19 AM 11068163_670208266421197_5458985799362397749_n

Last weekend some of our Spirit club officers and members went to Los Alcarrizos to build a house for a family in need. The experience was one they will never forget.

Aside from building a house under the blazing sun, from digging the ground for the base pillars to nailing the zinc roof… they also got another perspective of our city. They learned hands on about how less fortunate citizens live and were surprised to see how these people get by in such dire circumstances within the city.

They kept their spirits up, were open to all the experiences this task had to offer, and faced all their challenges head on. We can’t wait for another opportunity to be able to do this type of volunteer work again. Not only did they help a family in need, but they were also able to grow as human beings.

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