T.S. Gunilla came to visit TCFL.

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Sail Training Ship Gunilla is an integral part of the Swedish school system, taking forty-four Swedish pupils aged 16-19 years on a unique educational journey, with the world as their classroom.

Thanks to Gunilla’s strong relationship with School’s around the world, the Swedish students earn the opportunity to integrate their normal curriculum with two months of sailing. Students with the highest grades have the opportunity to join the ship and visit up to six ports for a week at a time. The aim is to foster a more sustainable future through cultural exchange and experiences at sea.

A major part of their learning experience comes from the cultural and social experiences of visiting others countries and the challenges of living on board at close quarters.

They came to Santo Domingo in February. For their visit in D.R. they divided themselves in two groups and came to TCFL for two days straight. Here, they met with our 11th and 12th grade students, taught them about life on the ship and their journeys, and then proceeded to interview them and ask them questions about Dominican culture and lifestyle. While in school, they all ate a typical Dominican breakfeast together, and to end the day, our students taught them local dances like salsa, merengue and bachata. After coming to school for two days, our students went to visit the ship and got a better idea of what life on it is like. This was their 4th year visiting our school, we hope we have many many more to come.

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