Students are engaged in Math explorations on a daily basis. The main focus of our math program is to help students become logical thinkers as well as independent problem solvers. Our math instruction focuses on the child’s need to experience mathematical concepts in a concrete way. Math manipulatives are used in teacher guided lessons as well as independent explorations. Many math concepts are reinforced through math games. Computational skills are developed through daily review exercises.


In Pre-kinder through 6th grade students use the Everyday Mathematics program created by the University of Chicago. This is a spiraling program that allows students to see concepts years before they are expected to master them, and to revisit concepts they have learned so that they are not forgotten.

In 7th and 8th grades we use the Connected Math program. Students explore mathematical concepts and learn through a constructivist approach. Math classes are 75 minutes long, giving students time to ponder problems and work out their own solutions, with the support of the teacher when necessary.

The Core-Plus Mathematics program,  is used in 9th – 12th grades. In this program, students cover algebra, geometry, statistics & probability, trigonometry, and discrete mathematics every year. By encountering each strand yearly, students’ understanding of mathematics and its connections deepens across the four-year curriculum.