Community Parent Involvement

"A child's first and most influential teacher is the parent." -author unknown


The Community for Learning prioritizes relationships as essential to a supportive learning environment. In addition to building a positive classroom culture, we invite parents in to experience the thinking and learning their children are doing. Parents are invited in for a variety of activities, including:

Family Fun Day

Every year our our community looks forward to “Family Fun Day” hosted by our Parent Support Group. Our students and their families spend the day playing, eating, chatting and laughing. Our 9th - 12th grade students create games and activities for their younger peers and raise funds for their class. The goal is to integrate the community by relaxing and sharing together.

Community Coffee

Each month we invite parents to stay for our community coffee from 8:00 - 9:00. We usually start by presenting a new or ongoing initiative (for instance: the change to the next generation science standards, the implementation of Yondr pouches, or a refresher on restorative practices) This is not only a space to discuss important events, but it also allows parents to share their concerns, ideas, suggestions. Parent feedback is always welcome as it helps us improve and grow.

Parent Support Group

Our Parent Support Group is made up of parents who volunteer to support school activities. Parents may help out in a number of different roles:

  • Classroom delegates: act as a liaison between the teacher and the class parents to support activities and help with communication.
  • Family Fun Day Committee: work closely with parents, staff and students to organize and set up Family Fun Day, 
  • Traffic Committee.
  • Social Action Committee
  • Parent Education Committee

Classroom Activities

Parents are often invited in to share their children’s celebrations of learning. These may include cooking with students, reading aloud to a class, sharing an author’s tea, going on field trips, watching a production, taking part in theme fairs and more.