Acto del 27 de Febrero

The Community for Learning is big on universal concepts and topics that directly affect society. Every year, in order to celebrate our country's independence, the students put together multiple acts to honor the evolution that the Dominican Republic has experienced throughout it’s journey to the present.


10th Grade working with 3rd grade students


Our students are busy practicing lines and making costumes! As the Independence Act is approaching, everybody’s excitement is rising. This year our big topic is “Democracy” focusing on the pillar of elections and free choice. All the acts revolve around this general idea. This concept has awakened interests in our students and they are beginning to discover that even though they don’t directly vote, there are various ways choices affect them. Teachers are introducing our students to the importance of elections as an indirect part of their lives. As for the show… from traditional dances to meaningful protests, TCFL students are showing their perspective of democracy through all their presentations. Our younger students demonstrate the changes that have been brought upon the Dominican Republic from past elections, marking our history. Meanwhile, the older students are revealing their opinions about the reality of elections in this country. 

Making costumes


Politics and government systems are fundamental factors of society; at TCFL we believe it is important for younger citizens to become educated about them. By teaching our students about elections, and giving them the opportunity to explore their own perspectives and draw conclusions, we prepare them for a future in which they understand the consequences of their decisions. Especially with the elections coming up soon in the country, our students are realizing the effects of them throughout their countries history and the part they play in where the Dominican Republic stands today. Celebrating the independence of the country, meaning the right to govern ourselves, is a concept that has encouraged our students to express their opinions in creative and entertaining ways, in front of an interested audience made up of parents, teachers and friends.

-Alexandra Moutafi, 9th Grade