Admissions Process

The Community for Learning takes great care to ensure that our school is a good fit for our students and their families. In order to do so, we take time to meet with parents or guardians to make sure you agree with our educational philosophy before we begin admissions testing.

Important Note: Students applying to TCFL must have the appropriate age for their grade level by August 31st:

  • Early Childhood
    • Preschool: 3 - 4 yrs
    • Pre-kinder: 4 - 5 yrs
    • Kinder: 5 - 6 yrs
  • Elementary
    • 1st grade – 6 years old

Steps in Our Admission Process

Step One:
Parent(s) or guardian(s) should schedule a preliminary interview and tour to get to know the school.
(If enrolling in Early Childhood, skip to step 3)
Step Two:
Schedule an admissions test for the student. Bring the following documents on the day of the test:
  • Pay Admissions Process Fee RD$500.00 at the schools administrative office.
  • For students entering 1st grade and up: copy of student’s progress report from the previous or current school. 
  • Most recent MAP Test scores (if available).
  • Optional student visit: Once students have passed the admissions test, they are welcome to spend a day at our school from 7:30 - 2:00.
Step Three:
Submit the following documents:
  • Two 2×2 recent student photos.
  • Admissions Form completed and signed by student’s parents/guardians. 
  • Student Profile Form completed and signed by student’s parents/guardians. 
  • Confirmation of payment in good standing from previous school 
  • Letter of good conduct from previous school 
  • Copy of student’s birth certificate.
  • Information reports if the student has received any Psychological-Educational Testing or other Individualized Education Plan (IEPs)
  • Health Form completed and signed by student’s doctor.
  • Eye exam 
  • Immunization Record
  • Payment plan signed by the student's parents/guardians.