What People Are Saying About Us.

"The Community for Learning is an innovative school that creates problem solvers who identify global issues, imagine possibilities, and design solutions from multiple perspectives."
Student's Voices:


"TCFL tries to make everybody welcome and teaches students core values that an educated person should have. At the same time it teaches us current world problems and solutions to them. In our classes we focus a lot on the real world, which prepares us for the future and for realistic situations. We also work on our personal and interpersonal skills so that we learn to communicate better and to become leaders."


"I recommend The Community for Learning because it has a flexible system that encourages students to learn in a way that works for each one of them. We are taught how to use our creativity and how to use our minds instead of memorizing. We can ask questions and make mistakes. Furthermore, the dynamics between students and teachers facilitate our learning experience. Teachers and other faculty members are capable of providing us with the tools necessary to build our own learning environment. The Community's teaching has helped me to develop critical thinking skills that I wouldn't have developed otherwise."


"At TCFL teachers use different learning approaches that make students engage with what they're learning. It allows you to learn in a more hands-on way, meaning you get to learn by implementing the content and by experience. In this school, I am challenged everyday. TCFL prepares us for the real life but also teaches us how to live together and support each other as a community. And the campus is amazing, I love walking around the school."



Parent's Voices:

"TCFL is a school all of my children have loved. It is a real community in which teachers know the children by their names and particularities. It is very respectful of the differences between students and very inclusive. It encourages learning through reading, creativity, critical thinking and auto discipline. Two of my children have already graduated and have done great in college with very good feedback from their teachers."


"We love having our children at TCFL because the students not only receive an academic education, but they also learn to be independent. They compare personal experiences to those of other cultures, analyze social and political dimensions, and integrate real-life, practical applications into their learning opportunities, leading to children who can think critically. Students are also taught to value mutual respect and to be productive problem solvers."


"TCFL is a grand educational community where individuality is valued and respected. Democracy and diversity are promoted around campus and there is a zero tolerance policy towards bullying. Families are motivated to be present and active participants in their child's education. Their doors are always open and they facilitate communication between teachers, directors, students and parents."