We believe that in order to be considered bilingual, students must be equally capable of expressing themselves in both English and Spanish. Therefore, we place a strong emphasis on our Spanish program, making sure that students find Spanish classes engaging and motivating.


In Lenguaje, Sociales and Civica students are taught using the same hands-on methodology that we use in our English classes. Students read novels and are expected to do independent reading at home, in Spanish as well as in English. They are actively engaged in writing projects and take part in debates and presentations.    

Our Spanish curriculum covers the themes required by the Secretaria de Educacion, so that all students are able to successfully take the Pruebas Nacionales. However, rather than simply focusing on memorizing facts, we help our students to gain a deeper understanding of concepts. Students constantly make connections between history and current events. They are expected to form their own opinions and support those opinions with factual information.