School Uniform


    • Students are expected to be neat and well-groomed at all times.
    • Students are required to wear the school uniform.
The school uniform consists of a white polo shirt with the school logo, the PE t-shirt or any school related activity shirt with the logo, and a navy blue or black bottom garment. Shirts are available from Topito. For the bottom garment students may choose from a variety of options such as shorts, pants, skirts or jeans. The uniform should be comfortable, neat and clean (no ripped or stained clothes, please) and fit properly. Shorts and skirts should not be too tight or too short for school. Leggings are only allowed during PE days.

For physical education classes (P.E.) students should wear a white t-shirt with the school’s logo and a bottom garment (such as gym pants or shorts) that allows for movement.

Footwear:  Any style shoes are acceptable providing they are comfortable for the student. Students must wear sneakers/tennis shoes on P.E. days.