College and Career Counseling

Our mission is to work with students toward self-examination, goal-setting, decision-making, and self-advocacy in the search for options that will allow them to continue their learning and pursue professional success in college and beyond.

The career and college counseling program begins during ninth grade and continues throughout students’ high school years. During this time, our counselor guides students through the process of identifying passions, developing life skills, and assuming academic and extracurricular responsibilities that promote growth. We also work with teachers to weave relevant content and assignments into the secondary curriculum, such as preparing effective personal statements, cover letters, and resumes. Later, the counselor accompanies students as they move through each phase of the college application process: developing a college list, completing applications, and applying for scholarships and financial aid. We prioritize individualized attention, ensuring each student receives apt information and highly personalized letters of recommendation. Parents are encouraged to stay informed and involved through information sessions, one-on-one meetings, and written communication.

Program Features

Interactive Online Platform

All secondary students have access to an innovative online platform that provides personalized career and university guidance. The software empowers students to search globally for universities, build a college list based on their own unique preferences, and create an effective admissions strategy, all while collaborating closely with their counselor.

College Visits, High School Visits, and College Fairs

In addition to coordinating trips to local universities to offer students a glimpse of college life, we regularly welcome local and international university representatives to our campus to share advice and information.


Both the counseling staff and outside speakers conduct workshops with students on a variety of subjects ranging from key features of the college admissions process to goal-setting to current job trends.

Career Fair

Each year, we bring over twenty professionals from diverse fields to share their experiences and expertise with students. Students choose which sessions they wish to attend, gaining insight into what interests them in addition to exposure to a wider array of career options.

After-School Opportunities

Interested students may choose to attend structured standardized test preparation sessions after school. We also offer vocational orientation that emphasizes students’ self-awareness, personal goals, and preferences.